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Australian Peugeot Clubs
W.A Peugeot Car Club of Western Australia
N.S.W. Peugeot Car Club of NSW
Vic Peugeot Car Club of Victoria
Qld Peugeot Club of Qld
S.A. Peugeot Car Club of South Australia
S.A. Club Automobile Francais
A.C.T. Peugeot Association of Canberra

Peugeot World Sites  

Model Specific & Enthusiast Sites (Australian unless specified)
Australian Worm Drive Register
Peugeot Sport Official Owners Club [UK]
The Peugeot 306 GTi-6 & Rallye [UK]
Peugeot Fan Club
505 Turbo [USA]


Repairs & Reference *
Haynes Motor Manuals
Peugeot Logic
Pug Sport
WWW.Planet Peugeot Parts [UK]
Tire Size Calculator
PitStop Bookstore - Perth, WA
Australian Travel Planner

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